Types of Trim & Crown Moulding

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At Cosmaroma, we specialize in trim and crown moulding in Ontario, throughout our locations in Kingston, Kitchener, Toronto and more. We offer the largest selection of in-stock mouldings in Ontario to give you the freedom to choose the style that suits your needs best.

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We carry an extensive selection of trims from a wide variety of style families, from the traditional colonials and contemporary steps to the pizazz of step bevel, modern edge, cosmopolitan and eased edge. You can build the aesthetic of your room with the choices you make in trim, so trust Cosmaroma to deliver the selection you need.

Transform Your Home

Mouldings are the icing on the cake when it comes to renovations. They add that final touch to make things go from unfinished to finished, and can really complete the look of a room. With the right Ontario trim and mouldings, you can fully integrate your chosen style, from modern to classic and anywhere in between.

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Why settle for less when you can talk to the best? At Cosmaroma, we are the product experts you need to finish your project successfully. Want to turn your home into a modern cathedral? We can recommend the best crown mouldings for the job. Interested in renovating a rental property? Ask us how to save money and still get a great looking finish.

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