Cosmaroma carries staircase products to renovate your entire staircase.

Staircase products fall into two major categories, oak and maple. Oak being the most popular and common choice, maple being the cleaner-no grain look. Beyond this, stair nosings & stair treads themselves split into two categories; square edge for a more modern look & round edge for a traditional classical look. Treads come in three sizes, beginning at 36 inches, moving up to 42 inches and finally peak at 48 inches. Stair treads vary in their types; from the basic box step mainly for basement staircases, to the left and right side return treads, as well as specialized treads like bullnose treads and pie shape treads. Risers also come in three types; maple, oak or mdf with lengths at 48 inches to cover any variation. Nosings come in three major sizes, beginning at 2 ½ inches, moving up to 3 ½ inches and are the widest at 4 ½ inches. We also offer custom made treads and nosings in the event that you have provided a template with measurements according to your staircase. Another important aspect to staircases are the landing products. We have multiple solutions for this situation. Starting with the standard 3 ½” and 4 ½” unfinished white oak wood, to be installed in a variety of applications and landing sizes. A more static option would be the pre-constructed landing boards. These boards are glued together prior similar to the basic stair treads except they are made to fit landings. Sizes range from 2 ½ ft by 4 ft to 2 ½ ft by 5 ft.  When it comes to staircases, renovations begin to look daunting in terms of cost and labor pricing. Look no further than our staircase products. We have picked the finest wood manufacturers while also considering the high cost of relating to this type of renovation generally run. We value consistently dependable wood surfaces to make sure the stains applied will perform to the highest of standard. Products in this category include treads, risers, handrails, wooden spindles and iron pickets & nosings.