At Cosmaroma specialized in the department of trims and offers the largest selection of in stock Mouldings in Ontario.

Mouldings are the icing on the cake when it comes to renovations. They add that final touch to make things go from unfinished to finished. Cosmaroma sees this glaring truth and capitalized on it from the conception of our core values. We specialize in trims and mouldings and carry an extensive selection of trims from a wide variety of style families, from the traditional colonials and contemporary steps to the sleek pizazz of step bevel, modern edge, cosmopolitan and eased edge. Starting with baseboards, these  trims virtually lay the aesthetic foundation down for the rest of the moulding styling. Shoe moulding also falls into very similar criteria to the baseboard as they run right alongside the baseboard. Moving on, the door and window casings complete the uniform look with a generally subtle design touch similar to the baseboard. Next come the crown mouldings, this is where you have more freedom to switch the styling up to add more flavor and are not necessarily bound to the same uniform style of the baseboard, shoe moulding and door/window casing. Last but not least, wall mouldings are the section where functionality takes a back seat to style because there is no particular criteria to follow. Some people follow a basic look with a simple chair rail, while others would go all out with chair rail, cove, bead, shingles, wall panels, corner panels and valance moulding. Window sills fall into their own subcategory as they lean on the side function rather than form. From crown mouldings, wall mouldings, baseboards, door and window casing, sills, chair rails, panel mouldings, cove, quarter rounds and more. All are available in stock and at unbelievable prices. In fact many of our customers have  claimed that we are nearly half the cost of the big box stores – that’s right HALF THE COST. Mouldings are available in a wide selection of species of wood. Pine primed, poplar, oak, maple and MDF include the types we carry. Please visit one of our locations to view all the different mouldings we offer.