Wall mouldings are a compilation of everything else trim related that does not fit into the major categories. Wall mouldings follow a similar trend in terms of style with types ranging from corner panel, covee, beads, boards, valance, shingles & chair rails. Corner panel moulding is a piece of trim that is used to fancy up your wall. Cove moulding is a piece of trim mostly used as an attachment to your crown moulding to spice up and extend the presence of your crown moulding. Bead moulding is also a design piece used to add on to your existing crown moulding and operates as an addition to the crown but can also be installed alone. Finger jointed boards are available for building shelves and overall general construction use. Valance moulding takes your standard door frame and adds a large dose of presence to it. Shingles function as a wall panel to cover anything from damaged drywall to any application that requires panels to be displayed. Last but not least, chair rails are a piece of trim that protect the wall from any chairs damaging your walls while also fulfilling the job of stylizing your walls in the process.  Available in mdf primed and a variety of wood species like pine, oak, maple and poplar. Styles range from Colonial, Contemporary, Georgian, Step Bevel, Victorian among others.