Crown mouldings are an essential part of the trim renovation industry. These fine pieces of renovation upgrades actually originated as a functional product to cover up gaps where the wall and the ceiling met and to cover cables and any house wiring. Due to their popularity, they quickly went from function to form as they became arguably the most elegant aspect of a trim renovation and the most substantial touch to home renovation style. Crown mouldings have a magic trick of making the ceiling appear taller with a sharp style to draw your eyes to. These crown mouldings can give the appearance of a fancy chateau in Paris or a museum in Rome. If you are adding a new crown moulding to a wall that did not have any pre existing crown moulding, you’re going to want to aim for something that is not too big or too small, a good marker would be to go off the baseboard sizing. The average ceiling is 9 ft tall so a matching crown moulding would be around 4-6 inches tall. For ceilings taller than the 10 ft you would want to go bigger to match the size, something closer to 6-8 inches. It’s a good idea to also consider that the paint colors affect the overall appearance of the wall. Usually in the case of replacing your crown moulding, a size equal to or bigger would be ideal to cover the marks left over from the removal. The crown mouldings we carry follow a similar trend in terms of sizes ranging from the basic ceiling use of  4 ⅛” height to the very high ceiling use of 7 ¼” crown mouldings. Available in mdf primed and a variety of wood species like pine, oak, maple and poplar.  Styles range from Georgian, Step Bevel, Victorian among others.