Door and window casings are an interesting product, they fit in the middle between baseboards and crown moulding in their placement of the house. These door/window casings do a fine job of protecting against potential damage while also covering the plaster walls. The idea behind these products is symmetry and consistency. That being said, a good balance of size and style family should be taken in mind, ideally metrics matching your baseboard and crown mouldings. Door/Window casings are also where you can switch things up in terms of color, some people aim for a consistent look but others go wild to make the room pop. The bigger the ceiling, the bigger the door casings. For window casings, you want to make sure the casings are proportioned to the window size itself. A healthy measure would be around 2 inches if the baseboards are around 4 inches. Whereas for a taller baseboard like 5-7 inches, aiming for something closer to 3 to 4 inches would be more appropriate. Door/Window casings we carry range from a wide collection from as small as 2 ¾” x ½” all the way up to  3 ½” x ¾”. Although casings originally were produced using stone, nowadays they are available in mdf primed and a variety of wood species like pine, oak, maple and poplar at our shop. Styles include your traditional Colonial and Contemporary Step, to more sleek Step Bevel and Modern Edge, to modern Cosmopolitan and Eased Edge.