Baseboards remain as the primary product to fancy up any flooring, not to mention them being the most essential because of their ability to cover the gaps necessary for the flooring. On top of that, baseboards also stop the dirt, dust or grime from seeping between the walls and the floors. They do a good job of taking the impact of any footwear or items banging against the wall and possibly damaging the drywall behind the trims. Following suit with the baseboards are the shoe mouldings. These shoe mouldings also fill a substantial role in the trim department, taking it the step further with damage and dust prevention. The pair together make a very complementary and good looking addition to the overall feel of your home. Similar to crown mouldings, the size of the ceiling is essential for picking out which baseboard and shoe moulding you decide on. For more average 9 ft ceilings, in say, an apartment or rental property, a baseboard around 4-5 inches and is best suited. Once we get into taller ceilings, baseboards closer to 6-8 inches are ideal. Baseboards we carry range from a wide collection of sizes as small as 3 ⅞ x ½” to 5 ¼” all the way up to 7 ¼” x ⅝”. Shoe mouldings range from sizes 1 ⅛” to 1 ⅝” and ⅜” thick. Baseboard and shoe mouldings should match in style family, size proportions and overall style. Available in mdf primed and a variety of wood species like pine, oak, maple and poplar. Styles include your traditional Colonial and Contemporary Step, to more sleek Step Bevel and Modern Edge, to modern Cosmopolitan and Eased Edge.