Ever wondered what the biggest & arguably most common home renovation is? Flooring is most certainly one of the most drastic home renovations possible. Ever since hardwood flooring’s inception at the end of the 19th century, flooring has remained one of the few home renovations which do a substantial change to entirely improve the aesthetics of your home while still being a pretty straightforward process. Ranging from the traditional solid hardwood and cost-cutting laminate, to the more modern engineered hardwood and revolutionary vinyl flooring, leaving you with endless options to suit almost any renovation need. Flooring can be installed in many different methods, beginning from the click-system on plank-based laminate, plank & tile-based vinyl and engineered hardwood flooring to nail down methods on the traditional solid hardwoods. Flooring can also be installed using glue and adhesives, you’ll see this process being used on older carpets, vinyl sheets, vinyl planks, mosaic tiles and most commonly on carpet tiles & regular tiles. Hardwood flooring originally began at 2 ¼ inches and slowly as innovation passed, it grew to 3 ¼ inches and eventually reached 5 inches. This is where engineered flooring was invented and took over the market. Engineered flooring expanded the sizes from 5 inches all the way up to 8 inches but also required glue to support the nail down system on the wider planks. In regards to laminate flooring and vinyl flooring, sizes began similarly at around 3 inches and then slowly grew to around 5 inches then finally moved towards 8 inches wide. Tile flooring originally grew popularity at 12 inches by 12 inches. As time progressed, tile sizes around 12 inches by 24 inches. In some cases, tile can also be ordered in 24 inches by 24 inches and 48 inches by 48 inches. It really depends on how big of a space you are installing any of these fine options. Room dimensions play a big part in how small or big the room appears. As with other renovation jobs, you also want to take into consideration the lighting as it can make or break the pop factor in how your entire room appears. Finally, the biggest factor would be colour as it sets the standard for how a room appears. All of these factors come together to make flooring a big decision to settle on and something that should take careful consideration.