Looking for a durable, waterproof floor? Well look no further. Cosmaroma has a wide selection of Luxury Vinyl floors. Our line of Vinyl is 100% waterproof. It’s super easy to maintain and ideal for basements, condos, etc. Our Vinyl Click comes in 4mm, 6mm with Pad and 8mm with Cork. It has a super easy drop click install method. Since water cannot penetrate vinyl it’s virtually maintenance free. Vinyl has evolved over the years, these days it’s hard to tell the difference between vinyl and regular hardwood floors. We also provide engineered luxury vinyl tile & plank that comes with a fibreglass core that ensures premium stability. This type of flooring allows various application methods in regards to installation. It can be loose laid, glued down, or perimeter glue / tape. Other than being waterproof, a major benefit of luxury vinyl is that it is compatible over hydronic radiant heating systems. One can enjoy a warm floor as well saving money on installation costs compared to porcelain or ceramic tiles. Loose lay or dry back vinyl can be used in commercial settings as well as residential. Dry back vinyl usually consists between 2-3mm and is used primarily in commercial applications such as condos, restaurants, hotels, etc. Dry back vinyl needs to be glued down with full spread adhesive that passes standard requirements.