Suppliers are a crucial part of renovation projects in almost every department. Our collection of general supplies is plentiful and sure to cover most renovation needs. We take our mission of being a one stop renovation shop seriously. Stocked at all our locations are products ranging from cement, underpad, cork, membranes, mesh, adhesives, shower systems, mortar & grout related items, painting supplies and many more! Beginning with our cements, we carry Mapei and Mix-Can as our two current major suppliers, from standard grey mortar to the large format tile white mortar for the most rock solid applications. We also carry wiremesh, grout and self levelling products that are used in tile installations. Furthermore, we have a wide variety of membranes for our shower base systems and underpads for all types of flooring installation jobs. Our painting and tile installation line carries painting brushes, painting rollers, painting poles, grout brushes, trowels, buckets, tile wedges, tile clips among many others. We are sure to impress you with very competitive pricing, a good measure of variety and regularly well maintained isles. All of our products are adjusted according to direct customer feedback to provide you with a neat and well organized shop.