Springing for the bare essential flooring? Laminate is your go-to option! Stemming from the decline in popularity of carpeting, laminate became a staple rather quickly as a very affordable option of flooring. Offering the benefits of adequate durability, mild water resistance and pricing like no other. It is the perfect product for surfaces like concrete that require a click-only system in places such as basements & apartment buildings. Laminate flooring comes in plank sizes ranging from 4 inches up to around 8 inches. Laminate flooring thickness makes it a durable product, ranging from 8MM on the bare minimum-end, 12MM at the standard and most common, and up to 15 MM for the most durable. Laminate is made of MDF (medium density fiberboard) for cost effective options or HDF (high density fiberboard) for applications where the subfloor that the laminate is being installed on is not particularly leveled. A final benefit of laminate is that it is great for properties that will be used for commercial use like rental properties.