New interior doors make a big difference!

Doors are an essential part of any new home renovation. Doors are what divide one room from another, offering the privacy required to get some work done, some well needed sleep, or just empty room space. Homeowners have many options when updating or renovating their home, but no other project impacts the look and feel of every room in the home than changing their doors. Unlike other home improvement stores, Cosmaroma offers a wide variety of modern home styles. We take pride in stocking every size from 16” to 36” widths in both solid and hollow core types. Solid core doors would be most suitable for more expensive fancy homes that require heavier duty application and a more sturdy feel. While the hollow core doors would be more for rental property or basement where a less durable door would do the job. All our locations have thousands of doors in stock. In fact we can easily say we have one of the largest inventory and selection you’ll find in the surrounding regions. All of our doors are factory primed and ready to paint. Doors remain a very safe and good option offering a small but noticeable renovation upgrade.