Cosmaroma knows that the key to a fully renovated home starts where all the magic happens. Bathroom upgrades are essential for any proper home renovation.

Cosmaroma carries a complete line of bathroom products. The bathroom products range from vanities & faucets to entire shower systems and toilets. Our vanities come completely wooden with a wooden frame mirror and quartz countertop with quartz backsplash. Our faucets are sure to complement the vanities in terms of color, style and material. Our shower systems by IB Tools are very well priced compared to competitors and cover a wide range of sizes and variations. Shower base sizes come in 3 ft by 5 ft to 4 ft by 6 ft. Curbs come in 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch. While shower niches come in 12 by 12 and 12 by 20. We also carry shower heads to complete the system. Shower heads follow a similar style and color to match with the rest of the bathroom selection. Mosaics and tiles are also stocked in large amounts to accommodate all of your preferences. Imported from the most trusted and well-priced manufacturers, Cosmaroma is dedicated to giving you the top notch products. We take our customer feedback seriously and are constantly updating and re-prioritizing what products we have found serve our customers best.