To make sure we all look our greatest in the morning, Cosmaroma supplies the central aspect of any washroom. Vanities can turn your washroom into a beautiful masterpiece. Cosmaroma provides vanities to supply a full system of washroom products. The vanities we carry cover a generous selection of styles from modern and sleek to timeless and traditional. Constructed of a completely wooden frame and durable quartz countertops, the vanities we carry are sure to stand the test of time. Coming in a healthy range of sizes, beginning at 24 inches for the basic size, moving up to the 30 inch, 36 inch and 48 inch for the medium sizes, and finally the 60 inch and 72 inch vanities for all the large sizes. Small and medium sizes come in single sink form only. While large sizes are available exclusively in double sink form. Depending on style, they come completely wood cabinets, glass cabinets or even towel racks. The vanities are equipped with a single sink hole that is compatible with the faucets sold at Cosmaroma. In certain types of vanities, an optional side tower is available. Ranging in two sizes, the shorter ones are 12 inches wide and 30 inches tall, while the longer ones are about 16 inches and 60 inches tall. They come preassembled and are packaged with the wooden frame mirror and backsplash top offering a quick, easy and simple installation process.