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We believe in our products so that you can too! Our Kitchener flooring is brought to you by product experts and hobbyists so that you know the materials are built to last and get the job done. Find your vinyl, tile or laminate at our hardware store today.

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Laminate, tile, vinyl and hardwood: Our flooring spans all the best and most popular flooring in Kitchener. We help you find the perfect fit for any room in your home, from kitchens and bathrooms to hallways and bedrooms. Find what you’re looking for at Cosmaroma.

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No kitchen should be carpeted and no living room should be tiled. Or should they? At Cosmaroma, we give you the tools to mould your home how you want it. Challenge expectations or pick the perfect match and make your home uniquely yours today.

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Our team is made up of product experts from a host of disciplines. We have experience in custom projects, routine construction and a range of hobby crafts as well. Use our know-how to pick the right product, plan your next project or place the finishing touches today.

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